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The AINAR game application makes it possible to learn controlling your needle fear. The AINAR app is making use of state of the art technology in Artificial Intelligence and biofeedback.

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Cost-effective Solution

The AINAR game is available on every mobile phone and you can play it whenever and wherever you would like to.

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Scientifically Proven

The solution for your needle fear is backed by scientific research at Tilburg University. The research project is called FAINT.

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Unburdens & Relief

The patient plays the game BEFORE the venipuncture, for example in the waiting room. The game teaches the patient to control and prevent symptoms of fear and fainting before in a very early stage.

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How it works


Biofeedback means that we measure physical signals and visualize this for you. In this case, we visualize your fear of needles. Since this often occurs unconsciously, this visualization can enable awareness and the ability of controlling your fear.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to measure your needle anxiety. Only a camera is needed, such as on your phone, to take pictures of facial signals. Then, algorithms will look for small signals that uncover your attitude towards needles.

Playfull Distraction

AINAR is a relatively simple puzzle game, in which you have to color in figures. The colors adapt to your needle anxiety experience by integrating Artificial Intelligence and Biofeedback to the game. If you're doing well, you will see more bright and blue colors.

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AINAR on Universiteit van Nederland

Co-founder dr. Elisabeth Huis in 't Veld explains the research project FAINT that AINAR is based on (in Dutch) .

Frequently Asked Questions

AINAR is a game for your phone. You color in puzzles with your finger. The colors of the puzzle can change from blue to red. It is up to you to make sure the colors stay blue. Through the camera in your phone we can measure very early signs of anxiety or unwellness in your face. The colors in the game then turn red. You can then start to explore what helps you to release the tension again.

AINAR consists of Dr. Elisabeth Huis in 't Veld and Judita Rudokaité. Dr. Elisabeth Huis in 't Veld is assistant professor at the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence department of Tilburg University. In addition, she is a group leader at the Donor Medicine Research Department, Donor Studies Research Group, at Sanquin. Judita Rudokaité is a PhD candidate at these two departments. Together they developed and founded AINAR.

We ask you questions about your experienced emotions and physical reactions. The game uses the camera on the front of your phone. You will not be recorded. We do not take images or videos of your face. The game itself looks through the camera at the colors in your face, namely red, green and blue (RGB). We store the levels of these colors. From this data, your identity cannot be ascertained.  We ask for your email address in the questionnaire. We use the email address to link the data from the questionnaire to the data from the game. You are not required to provide your email address. After the link is made, we remove your email address from the data of the survey.

The information we collect will be anonymized (by removing the email address from the data ASAP). The information will be treated confidentially. Your data will be stored on reliable Tilburg University servers.

The information will never be shared with a third party. By agreeing to participate, you agree that the data and results of this study will be used for the purpose of this project.  The data may be reused in the future for other research purposes of the research team.

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